Insider Dublin

Dublin is surprising by nature given we boast a location by the sea.Dublin is the vibrant capitalvcity bursting with a variety ofvsurprising experiences—where city living thrives side by side with the natural outdoors. Ours is a vibrant city, where culture and nature join forces in a range of diverse and exciting experiences explored at your leisure. Historic cathedrals and galleries sit proudly amid a thriving metropolitan food and drinks scene beloved for an authentic Guinness and outstanding seafood. Embraced at its edges by natural beauty, you can unwind in serene coastal villages, scale rugged mountains to admire sprawling city views, or dive straight in with wakeboarding, zip-lining, mountain biking and more. 

Experience & Explore

An ancient manuscript crafted by monks, the tomb of a Norman warlord, and a bar with panoramic views of the city from the clouds: Dublin is not
short of unexpected activities to fill a visiting itinerary. Wander through the historical campus of Trinity and soak up the heritage or saunter down to the Docklands and discover the Irish Emigration Museum, EPIC, in every sense. Go for a hike up into the mountains or brave a paddle out into the bay. Listen to live music from the comfort of a snug or travel back in time and encounter the medieval city’s rich past at Dublinia. Dublin has a vast array of experiences with so much to savour in the iconic city or just on the outskirts you won’t know where to go next.

Sip & Savour

Ireland is famous for our fresh produce which are allowed us to evolved in to an exciting food and capital. Enjoy traditional treats, pub seats and cutting-edge chefs busting with choice. Checkout this guide to help you with you planned and ensure you make a reservation in advance