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InterContinental Dublin's Wedding Experts Top Tips

February 13, 2018

You've said yes, told all your friends and family, and you both feel like you're on cloud nine, then you realise that you have to start planning your wedding.

As Wedding Experts, we understand it can be daunting and sometimes completely overwhelming. Everyone is sending you ideas and the wedding magazines are piled high but take a deep breath because our Wedding Experts have five top tips to help you plan your wedding.

Tip #1: Make a list

It sounds very basic, but it is extremely important to make a list of things that are important to you and your partner for your Wedding Day. Do you want a city located venue? Is natural daylight in the venue important? Do you prefer peonies over roses? By writing down aspects that are important to both of you, it will help reduced your stress levels and allow you to feel more in control.

Tip #2. Make a Mood Board.

Now that you have made your list, you can start researching how to implement these ideas. This is the fun bit, you can be as adventurous as you want. Our Wedding Experts advise that you create a Mood Board or a Scrapbook to compose all your research. You can do this online (Pinterest is a great application for this) or you can enjoy the good old fashioned style of printing, cutting and sticking all your ideas into a book.

Tip #3. Get inspired

You are beginning to visualise your wedding day, but it's important to be inspired. Go view venues, visit wedding dress shops, make a music playlist with songs you would both like to have played at the wedding, pop into a florist and smell the flowers that you picked for your mood board but most importantly, taste test the champagne and food offerings!

Tip #4. Make it your own

Everyone will be trying to help you decide on menu options, venues or the number of attendees but you and your partner need to make decisions together as a couple. It is your day and the most important factor is that everything that is chosen for your wedding is because you both love it.

Tip #5. Don’t forget the Honeymoon.

Whilst planning the wedding is exciting and important, do not forget about the Honeymoon. There will be times when planning the big day is stressful but if you book your Honeymoon in the early planning stages you will always have something to look forward to.

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