IHG® Business Rewards - Double Points January to April 2017

IHG Business Rewards

Whether you are a sports league parent reserving team accommodations or a professional planner organizing an international meeting, we want to reward you for booking with IHG® on behalf of others. Each hotel room you reserve, meeting you plan, or event you organize with a participating hotel could earn you points through IHG® Business Rewards.

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Earn DOUBLE POINTS with IHG® Business Rewards on your next event!

You work hard to deliver the best possible event, so, from 1 January to 15 April 2017, we’d like to reward you with DOUBLE POINTS with our Double Play promotion when you book accommodation and meetings.

Whether you’re making bookings for board meetings and conferences, or booking a one-off celebratory event such as a wedding, we want to reward you for your effort. By the end of the promotion, you could have earned Meeting Credits† that will save you money on your next event.

You choose the rewards

You could be enjoying You could earn enough points to get up to four free hotel nights! But whatever rewards you choose, you’ll get more of them, or reach them faster, with Double Play with DOUBLE POINTS helping you get there.

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If you’re already an IHG Business Rewards member, all you have to do is register here and you’ll be ready to start earning DOUBLE POINTS from 1 January 2017.